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Prime Cleaning Texas– Founded in 2018.

My name is Niki Boadle, owner of Prime Cleaning Texas. Times are different, more progressive, BUSY! I realize that there is a need for someone to help individuals and families take care of their homes, giving them a sense of cleanliness, organization, hygiene and care. We handle Move In/Out cleanings, deep cleanings, recurring standard cleanings, commercial cleanings, and even post construction cleanings. We’re here to clean so you don’t have to!

I started out with just 2 cleaners and while still a small company, we continue to grow to accomodate individuals and families in Austin and the surrounding areas.

When it comes to hiring, I always give equal opportunities to men and women of different nationalities and train each team member, taking care that they are always attentive to detail, working respectfully, cordially and professionally with each other which reflects to the customers.

Alisson Silva is one of those hires. He is the President of the company and is dedicated to cleanliness and pays special attention to detail. Alisson quickly stood out to me in the market, receiving many personal references from satisfied customers. Alisson was a manager of a multinational company for over 12 years in Brazil and later ran his own company in the Bay area before moving to the Austin area.

Clear communication with clients is important and we strive to pay special attention to the needs of each one. We make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction ALWAYS.