Sanitization Services

Avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Promote health, safety and peace-of-mind at home and at the workplace and protect

your family, customers and staff by reducing the risks associated with coronavirus.


Take Action

Don’t let your family and friends be the victims of this ultimate hidden enemy.

Provide your staff with a clean and healthy work environment and avoid unnecessary unproductive downtime.

Pests irritate you and pose serious health risks during times of Covid 19. Prime Cleaning Texas works to deliver exceptional solutions to keep your surroundings free from pest infestation and minimize the serious risks associated with them


We are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our customers and the preservation and protection of the environment.

Don't Delay

Sanitize walls, draperies, blinds, furniture, soft furnishings equipment, phones, computers, copiers, printers, handrails, doorknobs, kitchen counters, floors, washrooms and other high touch areas.

All for a fee that can be as low as a Doctor’s visit!

Restore confidence… Sanitize your home or office